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Baja Buckeyes is a primarily self-funded student organization that relies upon donations from our generous sponsors to finance the building of our vehicle. Without them, we wouldn't be able to gain the valuable hands on experience we get from designing, fabricating, and testing parts as members of Baja Buckeyes. Be sure to check our sponors out on the SPONSORS page.

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring our team or has any questions not answered below, please contact us at or David Tobin at .

The primary way to support Baja Buckeyes is through cash donations to the team, which can be done HERE. These donations help us purchase materials, fabricate and purchase parts, attend competitions, and puchase shop and testing materials to advance the team. These cash donations are critical to the team development because of their versatility and our ability to receive matching funds for eligible donations. In addition, some of our sponsors donate products or parts that are useful to the team. This could include materials (metals or composites), parts (rod ends, wheels, etc), or shop supplies (tools, testing equipment, etc). This frequently allows us to produce our vehicle for less money or test out commercial products that might aid in the design of our vehicle.

We offer 3 levels of partnership with our sponors: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The details of these partnerships can be found in our SPONSOR PACKET (to the right). We greatly appreciate all sponorships, and are proud to advertise our sponsors on our website and vehicle. We encourage our sponsors to keep us informed abuot any potential internships or full-time positions with their companies, as our members' experience on the team often makes them good candidates for engineering positions. In addition, our sponsors can receive a tax deduction for their donation.